An Introvert’s Foray Into Instagram

So readers, not so very long ago I set up a shop on Etsy (yes, I know) and I knew that getting traffic to my shop site would be one huge mountain to climb. The interwebs suggest using social media as a way to be seen out in that vast wasteland of shops. I’ve set up my lemonade stand in the middle of a desert and no one knows I’m there.

So I created an Instagram account. Not a very introvert thing to do? A necessary evil I suppose.

I took photos of myself, usually in a wig, or wearing sunglasses and posing in the dresses that I was aiming to market. I didn’t like the idea of putting myself out there so visibly. The wigs and glasses helped me to feel that it was a different person, someone other than me, that was being shoved into the (tiny) limelight. I gained some followers and some likes, and I appreciated those.

The stats on Etsy showed that my posts were driving some traffic towards my shop but I don’t think they turned into sales. I did make some sales but they were (I believe) from people browsing Etsy.

Anyway, it’s been over a year and I’ve stopped posting pictures on Instagram. It felt too invasive. I hated taking pictures of myself. I felt too ‘out there’. I don’t even post pictures of just the dresses. These tended to generate the least number of likes, as everyone know engagement is better if you include people in Instagram posts.

Marketing yourself and your product is hard. Even harder for the shy introvert. It seems to be everything that I am not. So why can I publish my thoughts on this blog then? How hypocritical and self-conflicting am I?

Yes, putting these words out there leaves me feeling somewhat exposed. But it’s the photos of me out in the web that I’m not keen on. So the blog is my compromise. There are thousands of blogs in this same vein out there – musings of other introverts, struggling or winning through this life.

Do you agree? Instagram is an anathema for the introvert? Or is it just me?